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Similarities For the Recent Drop In Stocks

Cory Fleck, from The Korelin Economics Report joins me for his insights into the US markets and the oil market. Click the download link to listen on this device: Download and Listen to Show Here 53 years experience in researching and trading makes analyzing the complex and ever-changing financial markets a natural process. We have a simple and highly effective way to provide […]

Where Are We In The Market Cycle?

With the news today from the US Fed and the rate hike, we should all be asking ourselves “where are we in the market cycle” so that we can prepare for and identify proper trades that may set up in our future.  One thing is for sure; we are not in the perpetual easing environment […]

Real Estate and Banking Pressures are Building

Early signs that the US Fed may be pushing the envelope of rising rates and creating pressure on banks and borrowers are starting to show up more prominently now.  One component of our research at Technical Traders Ltd. is to find data that may be overlooked or ignored by some other researchers.  We believe that any pressures […]

History Is Repeating Itself This January

The SPX and the Dow Jones have closed at new highs. The following closing prices: Dow Jones: 19910.93 and SPX at 2271.71. They have reached an extreme point. This is an extreme strong signal that price is most likely at a short-term high here. The NYSE composite reached a high at 11256 which could be […]