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TheMarketTrendForecast (TMTF) is dedicated to assisting average investors to find and identify major market trends, reversals, support/resistance and key trading triggers available only through our research team’s analysis and our specialized trading models and strategies.  As a TMTF member, you will receive a minimum of 1~2 weekly market trend updates featuring our specialized and predictive modeling and strategy systems to assist you in clearly understanding the current, immediate future and long-term future trends in nearly all the major US markets and certain foreign markets.

Our team provides short, intermediate, and long-term market trends and market forecasts. Market forecasts are provided for Gold, Silver, Miners, Oil, Nasdaq, and the SP 500 index. On occasion, you will receive market forecasting for Canadian indices, some foreign indices like the Shanghai Index in China, Emerging Market Indexes, and various sectors of the markets. A key component is utilizing Elliot Wave theory for the best in stock market prediction and market trend analysis.

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  • SP500, Gold, and Silver forecasts on a regular basis during the week
  • 1-2 Updates per week delivered via Email Alert and Posted online
  • Regular chart updates with notations and forecasted pivots in advance
  • Elliott Wave interpretations
  • Video Screencasts on SP 500, Gold, and Silver forecasts
  • Sentiment Indicators and Charts with analysis
  • Intra-day updates and commentary on Gold, Silver, and SP 500 when warranted and during volatile periods
  • Immediate notification of articles published
  • Tradeable ideas to short or go long SP 500, Gold, and Silver
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Elliott Wave Analysis


Market forecasts are made using proprietary Elliot Wave analysis coupled with technical indicators and other pattern recognition methods as developed by our team of technical analysts. Their amazing work on Gold Forecasts has been profiled on, Jon Nadler at, and multiple websites due to his accuracy. We believe that markets move based on crowd psychology as evidenced by Fibonacci fractals, wave patterns, gold wave patterns, and sentiment. The team uncovers the clues and finds the probabilities to help with forecasting key pivotal moves at tops and bottoms of market trends.


Unlike other market forecasting letters and online services, Our analysis is very clear when it comes to forecasts. The Market Trend Forecast provides specific pivot points, reversal areas, and top and bottom forecasts in all facets of the markets covered. TMTF will also review historical market action to determine if there are factors relating to the current markets that may come into play. TMTF will also discuss counter-intuitive ways of viewing the market technical action and market trend analysis. We will look at topping indicators and bottoming indicators most services do not discuss concerning the technical analysis of stock trends. We will provide links to articles or commentaries that we believe are important to read as well. In short, we will keep you very well armed and prepared for a potentially major short term to intermediate term moves that you can profit from and protect yourself with.

Our forecasting track record and samples of our work are available at

Recent Comment from Vronsky of

“Thank you for your wisdom. I want to compliment you NOT ONLY on the insightful and timely analysis, BUT ALSO ESPECIALLY ON ITS par excellence visual presentation. It is truly a work of art…that I well know takes much time to create.”

Vronsky, Chief Commentator,



“There are tons of charlatans, scammers and just plain idiots in the trading world, but fortunately not all of them and Chris Vermeulen is definitely one of the good guys. Chris knows his stuff and from personal experience (critical), has the right mindset about being a successful trader, plus he communicates his knowledge and inspires in a way that’s easy and enjoyable to receive. In short, he’s got the 3 most important characteristics you want in a Trading Mentor / Educator / Advisor. 
I highly recommend Chris for these reasons, plus he is a man of integrity and a pleasure to work with.”

Brian McAboy, Trading Coach & Mentor –



August 2013: Forecasted the market had peaked at 1710 on the SP 500 and would enter a major corrective period. The SP 500 corrected some 64 points from the highs following the top call.

Jul 2013: We stuck our neck out and publicly called for a major cycle low in Gold at 1181. Very few were willing to call for Gold to go higher at the time, but his work using Elliott Wave theory combined with cycles and technicals, and Fibonacci pivots bore out the truth. Gold rallied $200 in the next 7 weeks after his forecast.

July 2013: We suggested that the “Inflation” plays were your friend in the market. The Coal, Gold, Copper, and Shipping stocks had been under pressure for a very long time, but the forecast was for money to rotate into these sectors. Samples including ANR, FCX, and others were given. The sectors and stocks all rallied sharply in the following weeks.

August 2011: We forecasted a likely bottom in the SP 500 between 1096-1100 right after the Standard and Poor’s Debt Downgrade news came out with the SP 500 at 1198. The SP 500 bottomed at 1101 that same week, and we stuck with this bottom call the whole way through. Among his public articles were “Bears yell fire in empty theater” which was widely read.

August 2011: We warned in advance of a coming Top in Gold and advised his subscribers to reduce hedge, or short positions at 1862, 1880, and 1907 pivots. Gold topped at $1910 and fell $155 an ounce in under 48 hours from his top call. Subscribers profited by holding DZZ which shorts Gold at 2x leverage. We had an article on warning of a major correction in Gold 1 day before the crash.

In the late summer of 2010: We forecasted a run in the SP 500 to 1220 when it was below 1080 for his subscribers. Once the SP 500 hit 1227, We then forecasted a sideways to down chopping market for a while. TMTF had our subscribers riding the market up the entire way from 1074 to 1227 and the entire time advised against shorting the rally.

In late August 2010: We forecasted an explosive move up in Silver. At the time, Silver was at $18.73 per ounce, and his chart and target specifically predicted $29 per ounce. About 10 weeks later, Silver hit $29.00 on the nose and then pulled back. A stunningly accurate forecast.

On January 18th, 2010: We wrote an article and forecast that all conditions for a major market top were now in place. The indices all peaked the following day and the DOW dropped 800 points in the next few weeks.

In Mid April: We wrote an article for predicting a top in the Markets and an A B C correction would begin to unfold. The SP 500 dropped from 1221 to 1040 over the next several weeks.

In late June: We forecasted on TMTF and and TheStreet.Com that Gold was peaking and would drop materially. Gold dropped $50 an ounce the following day and We remain bearish intermediately on Gold.

In late February 2009: We were was one of the very few newsletters to turn bullish on the markets with an article on He forecasted that the market was about to turn bullish and nobody knew it. He outlined several reasons why using counter-intuitive methodology and Elliott Wave based charts. The Markets all rallied for the following ten months, reaching Dow targets we outlined 10 months before they were hit.

In August of 2009: We predicted a massive move up in Gold and Gold stocks with a 321Gold article. At the time Gold was near $900 and he predicted $1225-$1375 as the next top. The HUI index rallied nearly 40% in the next 4 months and Gold ran from $900 to $1220.

In early December of 2009: We predicted for his ATP subscribers a drop in Gold to about $1,070 US for a pivot bottom. Gold bottomed twice in the next 60 days right near $1,070.\


Elliott Wave Analysis