We believe that markets move largely based on important swings in sentiment, crowd behavioral patterns, Fibonacci Retracements, Elliott Wave principles, Cycles, and other ephemeral catalysts.  The headlines explain what just happened in the market, but they do not predict the next moves up or down in the indices, sectors, or commodities.

As an investor, you need to be armed with tools in advance of major moves that are accurate, and TheMarketTrendForecast will assist you in being prepared as an investor for volatile markets both on the upside and downside. We have a wealth of technical analysis experience and trading to take full advantage of the crowd behavior in the markets.  We use our experience, specialized tools and modeling systems and more to deliver the best research and trend analysis we can possibly offer our clients.

Our Chief Strategist, Chris Vermeulen, has been quoted and or written articles on TheStreet.Com, SafeHaven.com, Kitco.com, Stockhouse.com, Theaureport.com, along with other well-known investment sites. Chris has been a past guest on the national radio shows Howestreet, Korelin Economics Report, Financial Survivor Network, and more.

Prior to The Market Trend Forecast.com and Active Trading Partners.com, He spent years studying human behavioral patterns, fundamental analysis, Fibonacci retracements, and Elliott wave patterns. He knows investors love to chase stocks up and by doing so, they increase their risk without knowing it. And that the crowd loves to sell low and buy high, John attempts to do the opposite.

Over a 20 year period, Chris learned how to consistently profit from investor behavior outperforming the market in both bull and bear market cycles. These strategies have become the foundation for this stock market forecasting service.

Chris’ trading style has gradually evolved over the years, allowing me to take advantage of the market no matter what type day/week it is – up, down or sideways. This is a necessity for earning consistent gains in the market. Within this service (TheMarketTrendForecast) I will be providing you with analysis along with critical educational trading reports to help you manage money and risk as an investor.

We offer our exclusive stock trading services to a finite and select group of partners (subscribers).  Our premium stock picks trade alert service ActiveTradingPartners.com was formed in July of 2009, and with the success of that service, we added this one – The Market Trend Forecast.com in March of 2010  and 7 years later we continue to deliver winning market forecasts month after month for our subscribers.


We provide verified trade setups and real-time notifications.

Our Methodology:

The methodology really revolves around understanding “herd” behavior as it applies to the markets. Herd or crowd behavior is crucial to understand as it relates to investing in the markets in order to be successful.  Elliott wave theory, for example, is one of the main foundations that TTL fully understands and utilizes to some degree,  after years of studying human behavioral patterns, and Fibonacci retracements.

Investors love to chase stocks up and by doing so, they increase their risk without knowing it.  The crowd loves to sell low and buy high, ATP prefers to do the opposite.  The question is, how can you consistently buy low and sell high?

What if you could consistently buy just before the crowd jumps in and pushes a sector or index or commodity up rapidly? Well, I have a strong foundation in fundamental analysis, extensive investment experience, and nearly unmatched technical analysis skills.  These all come into play to weed out as much risk as possible and provide accurate forecasts at key pivots.

In most cases, TheMarketTrendForecast will look for trends that are about to reverse to the upside or to the downside, after a corrective move to the upside or downside has taken place.  There are reliable patterns consistently exhibited by the trading crowd that TheMarketTrendForecast will take advantage of by forecasting trend changes as others are pushing sectors or indices too high or too low, just prior to a reversal back up.

I and another Elliott Wave Strategist have a very strong forecast track record and we have tested these various methodologies exhaustively in up, down, and sideways markets.  We believe that stocks and sectors move almost entirely based on the sentiment of the crowd at that time, whether bullish or bearish.  Understanding human behavioral patterns and knowing at which point to enter into trades and when to exit helps TheMarketTrendForecast to provide accurate forecast results for our partners.

Our methodology is, therefore, is contrarian in nature.

Elliott Wave Analysis