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Q1 GDP Data Will Likely Mask True Global Economic Future, Part II

This portion of our continued research into the Covid-19 virus event, one of the greatest disruptions to the global economy over the past 50+ years, concludes in this article.  In Part I of this article, we highlighted how price factors and economic data continue to suggest the US and the global stock market will likely attempt […]

Q1 GDP Data Masking The True Global Economic Future?

As Q1 GDP data is released on Wednesday, April 29, which will reflect the first three months of 2020 in terms of total economic output, we believe the number will skew the current true global economic conditions to a large degree.  The pandemic shutdowns started in the US on March 15th – nearly 2 weeks before […]

Silver Demand vs Gold Demand

I recently talked with Jim Goddard at HoweStreet radio about gold, silver, miners, the dollar, among other things. Many markets are at major turning points and its critical that investors understand where we are in the major market cycles. Just think of this for a minute. While most of us have active trading accounts, what is even […]

US Stock Market Enters Twilight Zone

The US stock market has rallied substantially since the bottom on March 23, 2020.  Our Adaptive Fibonacci Price Modeling system is showing us just how fragile the US stock market and certain sectors of the markets really are right now.  What’s going to happen next and how should you prepare for the next big move?  […]