Feb 26th- Gold Due for Pullback Wave 2?

A pullback in Gold today to 1320’s from the 1348 high. We had been looking at about 1350 plus minus as an initial objective off the 1181 pivot lows for the truncated 5th wave of the bear cycle. We can see support at $1300 for spot Gold right now in the charts in terms of keeping it simple.
Now lets keep in mind we just rallied from 1181 to 1348, or about 167 points which is quite a rally. Indeed, February is often a short term cycle low for Gold and has been in years past.
A normal corrective wave 2 would be anywhere from 38% on the low end to 61% on the higher end as likely.
Using some basic math, 38% of 167 points is $64 an ounce, giving a possible pivot target of $1284 plus minus a few.
So bottom line? We remain bullish long term, short term we may have a minor wave 2 pullback to work off some of this 167 dollar rally in Gold, and 1284 is a 38% fib pivot and 1300 is traditional support.
May just need to take a rest here for a bit… otherwise we maintain for now our $1550 target for 2014.
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