If you’ve reviewed the detailed information that showcases many of the most popular benefits of this service, then you already know that this Forecast Service is absolutely loaded with the highest quality “best of” and uniquely innovative features you can’t find anywhere else. This forecast service takes all of John’s experience as a trader and human behavioral expert and applies it to stocks, sectors, indexes, Gold, Silver, international markets. We believe if you understand the right times to own stocks, be in cash, or aggressive or defensive in various segments of the market that you can improve your personal investing results. Knowing when a market is simply pulling back or getting ready to thrust higher is vital to long-term success, and this service delivers it on a regular basis.
At a Glance: The Greatest Member Benefits
  • 1-2 Forecast Updates per week delivered via E-mail and posted online.
  • Email access to us on a regular basis with rapid response
  • Forecasts for specific price pivot points both on the upside and downside
  • Immediate notification when an article or interviews are published
  • End of Week market reviews and forecast commentary
  • Regular charts with comments and notations
  • Elliott Wave interpretations
  • Sentiment Indicators and Charts, analysis and interpretation of sentiment trends and how they effect the markets.

Join me now. In spite of including the rich & diverse layer of analysis content, I am still able to offer the subscription at a price that is extraordinarily affordable, plus you will actually learn to read the markets over time from the weekly analysis and thoughts.