I wish you and your family the very best this holiday season and in 2013…..thank you very much for your hard work and great calls and making a difference in other people’s lives.
Thank you,Har gill

Thanks for your timely updates. Of all the newsletters I’ve subscribed to in the past, you seem to be the only one willing to stick your neck out and make a call on the market direction real time!
Thanks again, Joe Albert

Hats off to you guys,..
Your calls on these metals are proving ‘painfully’ predictive!.. Hard work for a perma long like me!.. Wishing you a stupendous New Year,..
Best aye,.. Richard Guthrie

 Elliott Wave Analysis

All prior services that I have been through, I rated your service number 1. Got that! I follow very closely the SPY and SSO. I use that as my proxy to gauge where the general market is heading. I no longer need any stock recommendations / stock picks. For most part it’s hit or miss. Keep doing what you have been doing especially dropping e-mail alerts several times a day. It’s invaluable. Man you’re so right on the money with your forecast. Anyway this is mostly a thank you note.
Regards, Kerry

This has been a crazy market that very very few people have been able to call with any semblance of accuracy. You have been one of them.
Congrats, B.M.

Thanks for your insights and analysis. I have to say that your actionable insights on Elliot wave and many such related research is truly remarkable.
Amit Tiwari

Thanks to your excellent chart work, closed out TVIX for a 20% and 46% gain!
It appears that when S&P turns down it could tank HARD. Please keep us up to speed when to reinitiate shorts at your earliest.
Again, thank you! John Hill

I think you’re doing a great job. I appreciate the frequency of your communication, especially in these unusual times, as well as the clarity of your advice. (By the way, your calls on gold last week were very reasonable, and I have another respected subscription giving the same readings/warnings you did.)
Thanks, Mike Wilson

Thanks for the update. I just wanted to mention that I am VERY impressed with your TMTF service and the accuracy of your pivot levels. I noticed some of your predictions in the past and that peaked my interest. When you made the S&P 1095 call, that prompted me to join, and I have made proportionally a lot more money since I joined your service than I ever did before. It is like the missing piece in my trading puzzle.
Thanks for the great service! Mark J. Mazurik

Just thought I would give you a quick update on my own personal trading situation – people are so keen to send an email when bad news is around and I like to keep it balanced by sharing good news occasionally. After several attempts in the market since August last year, I had decided that this time around would be my second to last attempt at trading before I walked away – I am a very small trader compared to others in terms of funds. As at August 17th, after a a year of very unsuccessful trading I have lost around $21,000 and was sitting at an account size of $4,500. From that point, and after joining your service a few weeks ago, I committed to following your forecasts on Gold as closely as possible – I admit somewhat of do or die attitude so I WAS over trading and taking more risks then I should have after realizing you seemed to be getting it right a whole lot more than getting wrong.

As of yesterday morning my account had risen from $4,500 to $10,300 in 6 business days – an amazing result and purely based on your advice. I am at better than break even for this “round” of trying the market yet again and now well on the way to recovering my losses for the past year. I’ll admit to over trading and taking more risks than I should have and had my own small correction yesterday – after such an incredibly successful 6 days I was feeling 10 foot high and bullet – but saw what was happening and unplugged from the market before I did TOO much damage and reacquainted myself with the world outside – and some sleep for a change.

Hope you don’t mind me sharing some of the nitty gritty of one of your subscribers but simply wanted to let you know that many of us out here are VERY happy with your work!
Cheers, David Prescott

REALLY appreciate this Gold top forecast information. Monday, I sold all of my GTU for a gain of 124% and I sold 20% of my CEF for a gain of equal that amount.
Brian Andrews 

Elliott Wave Analysis

I’m a recent subscriber (a few weeks), and just want to thank you for your keeping a close pulse on the markets, for an excellent job of keeping subscribers informed, and above all, for your honesty and lack of BS. Looking forward to your continuing excellent commentary and thanks again for shedding light on some crazy markets lately.
Durr Elmore, Mulino, Oregon

FWIW, I’ve only been on board for a couple of days, but I love your service so far. I’ve been doing Elliott counts for a lot of years, and I love having an expert to help me support what I’m looking at technically. Too many technicians of late, have decided to be economists and commentators on politics. I love the pure technical approach you use.
Kent Saunders

I recently subscribed to TMTF and more than covered the cost of my yearly subscription with my first trade. Thanks! Am going to go long on SLV and GLD today in my IRA’s. I’m going to put down some substantial power on the SPY once this “mess of a market” is sorted out. Then I’ll get your other subscription.
Keep up the good work! Carlos Ramirez

Thanks again for all the great updates. Wondering if you were still high on AAU? I’m constantly amazed at how accurately you are able to forecast these pivots. Keep up the great work!!
David W.

I have been a subscriber to many other Precious metals subscriptions from all those who write for Kitco.com. I have found that you are “the One”. None of the other`s come near to this accuracy. He is the “Benchmark in the industry”. Don’t take my word for it, Go try out everyones free trials look up their calls in the last one year from their archives, compare it to this , you will understand why he is the Benchmark.

Highly appreciate your response to my query every time. My highest appreciation & gratitude for your services.
Cheers, Gautam from Mumbai, India.

Yes, indeedy – great forecasting. This note to you is out of deep respect for your analysis (especially given the abject failures of other Elliott Wave guys in the field) on an absolute basis.
You deserve all the accolades showered upon you.
Thanks for all you do, Greg Zwillinger

You are absolutely fantastic!
Thank You!, Borje

Excellent work! I’ve quite enjoyed reading your forecasts (keep’em comin!), then watching the market and my stock picks withGROWING CONFIDENCE of when to get in and get outYour forecasts have totally obliterated that ugly fear factor that used to exist in my trading.
Thanks, I just recommended TMTF to my BANKER this morning! Lol!, Lei Mang

I have been following you and Prechter for about a year. While Prechter tells a very eloquent story, you’re wave count has been right on the money as his seems to be jumping the gun on the Big Crash. Please send me details about ATP. And thanks for the great insights.
Greg Combs

Another great job. When you sent out your revision and told to be on the lookout for a possible move to the upside, it came at a time when; no matter how hard they tried to sell the market, it just would not stay down. It was like trying to keep a beachball underwater. I admire your ability to be flexible. Great job!! If this now wave 3 it could a big move as you said. Thank you so much telling me not to lay out any shorts last week.
Cheers, and great call..again!, Doug

I have been a subscriber to ‘Active Trading Partners’ and ‘Market Trend Forecast’ services for almost a year now. His forecasts for PM’s and S&P have been spot on every single time.

He likes to layer in and out of positions in thirds or halves. I can highly recommend his services to fellow WSW members.

I am writing to you to express my gratitude as a recipient of your newsletter, I have searched around the world, there are no others who can forecast the market accurately and consistently like you. Your newsletter not only makes bold and clear forecasts, but also provides explanation on the theory behind, I find it is most insightful and educational at the same time. Also, thanks for your generosity in disclosing many of your theories and approaches in details behind the forecast in the E-paper, it is amazing to see how the Fibonacci numbers and Elliot wave fits so well together in forecasting the market. I get so excited, it is almost like finding the secret words to open Aladdin’s treasure trove in the world of trading.

Keep up with all the good work, as member of your newsletter I can describe how much value I am getting out of it, how much difference it made in my trading. If you ever come to visit Sydney, please let me know, I hope I will get to meet you in person one day.
Bob Chen – Sydney Australia

I don’t know if you were lucky on your forecast or if this is knowledge, but I know that in this environment (the markets), I call it extreme accuracy. If people are looking for something more accurate I wish them the best of luck!
Jose Lima

Elliott Wave Analysis

Thank you for taking the time to explain your Elliott Wave patterns and analysis. This really helps to take the emotion out of the market and allows me to stick to my trading plan. And your caution for the average guy not to try to short the fourth wave down during a 5-wave up makes the Elliott Wave patterns very profitable so far. With the housing market and banks still wobbly and the Fed day trading the dollar — it all seems so surreal. I’m 63, and the only thing more surreal was back in the 70’s when the banks were paying 17% interest on a 6-month CD. But you have made a believer out of me that Elliott Wave is a law of crowd (human behavior). Again, thank you and keep up the good work. I made a few bucks on your ”silver vision” too.
John E. in Nevada

Unbelievable call on the S&P from 1040. No one I follow came close to making that prediction as early as you did.
Ehab Elnahal

Hi,This is amazing that you called the bottom for Shanghai Index so far ahead of its time. I trade in Shanghai stock exchange, I wish I had your newsletter earlier. Love your newsletter, it help me develop further knowledge on wave theory and I have never seen anyone who is so accurate in the market prediction.

Just wanted drop you a note and say how happy I am with my subscription. You do an awesome job, and thanks to you guys, I have been able to get on the right side of this powerful move. I am amazed at your Elliot Wave analysis, as I also subscribe to EW International, and they couldn’t have been more wrong for almost a year now. They have been calling for a catastrophic Wave3 down for months; and NEVER revise their forecast. You are a true professional, and amended your forecast when you thought we would go back to 1010 on spx. We quickly got on the right side of the move. I know you can’t be right every time, but I just wanted to say thanks for the work you put in.
Doug Givens

I just wanted to write to tell you how much I like your service. I have always known that the market moves in very technical cycles, but generally haven’t paid too much attention to them until we got into this crazy correction, with no volume and no one in the market except day traders and high speed traders, who move on these technical swings, If you are in the market in these conditions, you’re are dead on the vine if you aren’t trading the same way. That’s why I subscribed to your service. It has helped me navigate the wild, seemingly illogical swings, and taught me so much about technical trading.Other than the accuracy of your calls, the thing I like most about the service is the frequency of your emails; conditions change constantly, and it is so reassuring to see one of your daily, and sometimes twice daily emails that either makes you feel that there is hope for your positions, or gives you the heads up to get out and change.I would have really liked to tell you this over the phone, but I understand you can’t handle subscriber calls.

Keep up the great work, and keep those emails coming!
Thanks a million, Hilliard Miller

Thanks for all your daily reports. It feels good to have a co-captain next to me as I try make some money in the market. You guidance is spot on as well as unbiased. You are not afraid to change direction when the market dictates it. You are adding years back to my life! Thanks again for your great service. My hat is off to you.
Best regards, A happy member.
Scott Hunt

Great call on the top of gold! Everyone else (except one other) was shouting “NEW HIGHS! NEW HIGHS!”
Mark Thimesch

This is opening our eyes to things we would not know to look for, as we are not instructed in T. analysis.
Thanks for the insights about the probability of a downward and sudden move in the S&P 500.
Leon Watson

I appreciate your frequent updates on the SPX. I have a short position, and have been kind of nervous thinking these bulls will get the best of me this time, but I also know just when I can’t stand it anymore, sell my shorts and go long, the market then goes down. I don’t know how those market makers know how to flush out the ”weak” hands (novice traders) like me, but this time I’m sticking with you and the Elliott Wave / Fibonacci Method — leaving my emotions on the bench. But even if the market take us on a bull run this time, I’ll still be a big fan of your style and straight forward approach to advising your clients. I know you can’t be right 100% of the time, but I’m looking for a double top at the 1130 or 1150, and your assessment gave me the confidence to follow my own assessment. So thanks, and keep up the good work.
John, Elko NV

Your gold top call about a month ago (June 28th), was amazing and made me subscribe to this service. Now I hope your S&P call is right. You got me hooked to your every word. Keep up the great work!!!
Frank Onaissi

You KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK WITH THAT CALL, and yes we know the power of Fibonacci and Elliott Waves … why do so many traders look at it as a step above witchcraft? … lol because they don’t know the art well enough.
Damn good call Skippy!
Gary Wagner 

Sir you are just amazing. You are really doing a great job. I really admire you and your Elliot Wave Theory since except for you, most of the analysts were predicting 1600 to 2000 dollars for gold this year because of the fundamentals which are very strong for gold.
Jitendra Parmar

Great job on calling the top. I shorted some futures and did alright.
Court Post, CA, CFA

I really appreciate your no-nonsense updates. More than keeping me out of trouble, I’m in the money on my TWM & SKF, thanks to your help & your knowledge of the Elliott Wave Theory. Your market calls have been very accurate, timely and understandable. All this is well worth the cost of your advisory service. You are definitely a friend to small investors like me.
John, Elko Nevada

Thanks for the update. I appreciate hearing your perspective on video or email twice a week as this market is very difficult and your analysis is very helpful.
Greg Birch

I wanted to let you guys know I really like your service. Having worked at a hedge fund for a few years and on the sell side before that focusing on energy/mining/shipping, I find your service better than the majority of sell-side research.
Dan Barrett

You ability to identify market trends or pivots in advance is impressive. I can’t comment on all of his past forecasts, but I do know he is extremely accurate with Gold forecasting and Market Reversals. I have followed his Active Trading Partners service with interest and have seem him consistently make excellent calls. He seems to be developing a very loyal following.
Jeff Phillips, President- Global Market Development- GlobalMarketDev.com

 I look forward to market and commodity forecasts and we frequently post them on our trading site for our readers, his accuracy is quite impressive.
Rick Pereira TheOEXtrader.com

Elliott Wave Analysis

“As an avid reader of your frequent articles, and as a fellow forecaster who exchanges ideas with him, I am constantly impressed with the depth of his analysis and the quality results that he consistently  produces both in terms of profitable trades, and broad-based forecasts.  You are well-versed student of the markets and his service is an important arrow in the quiver of both the active trader and the retail investor.”
J. Derek Blain – Head Forecaster – Investophoria.com

”His ability to forecast is excellent. We have been pleased to post links to his new service and expect them to remain consistently accurate. “
Bob Moriarty-321Gold.com

You use counter-intuitive methods to arrive at his consistently accurate forecasts of markets and commodities. We also like to post his articles whenever they are published and look forward to seeing the results of his predictions. I would highly recommend traders and investors avail themselves of his services.
Steve Betts The Stock Market Barometer Milan, Italy

I like your work, your the most pragmatic realist I have read. Thanks again!
Mike Bruin,Cannacord Capital

“I have watched the progress and trading of ActiveTradingPartners.com for several months. They have proven to be quite quick and smart about picking some fine selections for the shorter term to intermediate traders. I regularly look forward to our communications.”
Roger Wiegand, Editor, Trader Tracks Newsletter &Futures and Commodities Trader-Analyst

“Thanks for the HUI update I can never get too much info : it does help. For your info I have been following other  sites and you have been the most accurate so far.”
Brian Williams

“I am so thankful for the amazing services that you are providing! For the first time I feel confident in making the right entry points in the market. I can’t say how happy I am to have access to what you guys are advising!!
Thank you!”
Best Regards, Myles H. North Caralina

“Unbelievable. You guys are great. Keep up the good work and I will get you more subscribers. I am not kidding.”
Thorsten Bredberg

“To date this is the best financial service that I have ever subscribed too!”
Colleen Bowersock

“I am a new partner and I wanted to say that I have never been so impressed and count myself lucky to have found you.”
Celia Curtis

“We really appreciate the updates and information you supply on your site and your scorecard especially when the markets begins to worry us. When the market tries to shake us out, you provide a timely article to keep us on track. We are very pleased with the outcome of our trades since joining your service. Thanks again for your constant support.”
R.J and C.J, Husband and Wife

“Thanks for your expert analysis and wonderfully concise and witty writing style. As a retired geotechnical engineer, I thoroughly enjoy receiving good solid information that has been thoroughly researched and well documented. Great job!!” 
Dick Volpe

  Elliott Wave Analysis